About Mehdi: The Whole Shebang

“To exist is to change, to change is to mature, to mature is to go on creating oneself endlessly.”

~ Henri Bergson

Fundamental Existence

Today I live on a journey of ceaseless exploration, growth and shared learning with happiness and good vibes. It’s about life, living, learning, connecting, helping and experiencing to the fullest. It’s about getting uncomfortable and making it comfortable. Waking with zest and laying to rest with feelings of success. Choosing to live free of socially validated taglines and choice opens a world of life, love and possibility. I’m in it with an inner essence of purpose, that one we’re all born with. It changed my world, I hope it changes ours.

Life Unknown

My adolescence was full of socializing, adventure and activity with little regard for the world and my place in it. Life was a cinch. All was good; all was fun, but far from wise in too many respects.

I made some poor decisions, survived bouts of hardship and reconciled consequences, but remained hardheaded. You wouldn’t catch me near any self-help or personal development mumbo jumbo, either. Too rational, too grounded and strong for that, I was living on high, but unaware of life.

Change Gon’ Come

Reeling in regret for a youth of poor habits, choices and disregard, I switched my mentality, learned from mistakes and chose to devote more attention to learning and living with intent during the latter half of university.

For two summers I interned with humanitarian organizations throughout Europe and South, North and East Africa working with people from around the world, from students in Malawi to Members of Parliament and Ministers in Uganda.

With my new Zen-psycho-philo-focus, these experiences deepened my connection with universal human qualities of humility, courage, passion and mortality, while the solo adventures themselves tapped into depths of self yet discovered and drew open the curtains to blue bird living.

Delusional Freedom

Post graduation, the walls of conventional confinement closed in – routine work, mind numbing days, conversations comprised of socially pre-packed statements without depth. No matter how hard I tried, the external was too mismatched with the internal. What ensued was a nomadic lifestyle of geographic and career exploration. I lived in cities from Portland, Maine to Portland, Oregon and above the border with travel through 12 countries.

Working with organizations and entrepreneurs, I learned quickly that it takes hard work and strategy to solve real world problems and make anything a reality. I supported the people and goals of every job I had, but quickly found myself day in and day out pushing through the hours until I could escape.

I had a thought habit of deconstructing society’s problems, but realized the negativity that made me feel superior wasn’t helping me or anybody else.

The Liberated Path

Society offers a catalog of color-by-number photos and expects you to just pick one and start coloring.

I took my crayons and started my own picture.

Instead of following instructions, I searched libraries, the Internet and reached out to learn everything I could and devise a plan true to me. I turned the pessimism into positive, proactive optimism with a purpose.

This led to writing, where the free-willed nonconformist and ardent student of life found synergy.

I started spending every free waking hour working with gusto for something that paid nothing and contradicted anyone’s expectation of “success,” yet I felt more alive, happy and fulfilled than ever before.

The world had to yell to get my attention, but once I answered the call, we became the best of friends.

Where Will It Lead?

Deep-seated curiosity in how seemingly unfathomable psychological transformation changed my worldview, thoughts, habits and actions led me to where I am today – figuring out answers to these questions and living life on purpose with enthusiasm.

It became clear that personal development is not for the weak, it’s for the strong, and only the strong will act to realize its full potential.

Immersing myself in learning and sharing the essence of life with world is a lifelong adventure of growth with unlimited potential and stirs me up to think about.

Let’s make revolution reality.

I continue engaging in an entrepreneurial community focused on leadership, growth, creativity and structured project management that puts action as top priority and mix it with Zen-like philosophy and realism to fuel my focus on extraordinary living.

Big thanks for reading. If you’re here, we have a lot in common and I can’t wait to see where our paths lead us!

One world, one people, one love.

With intent,

Mehdi René

Let’s get to know each other, drop me a line.


6 thoughts on “About Mehdi: The Whole Shebang

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    • Sure thing. I think your “hands off” approach is essential to raising confident, autonomous thinkers and doers who will grow to live positive lives and initiate creative change. Good luck with the technicalities – lots of time and effort, or hire someone who knows. Best.

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