First Time Here?

Welcome to a community of sensible people seeking to liberate from convention and live with extraordinary intention. To break right down to the soul of the matter, you, me, all of us are born free, creative and passionate with enthusiasm for life that stays in our essence.

It’s forced to the side when we grow up, but we can reclaim it and when we do, it comes back more powerful than before. After hibernating all those years, unleashing your creative genius awakens the most profound change you could imagine. It feels like nothing else. It’s unique. It’s extraordinary. And it’s all a matter of the mind.

Every little thing we do in our lives adds to our knowledge, affects our actions and builds our persona. Nevertheless, in our hectic lives it takes motivation, time and dedication to find our shoes before we even set foot on a trail-blazing journey. The truth is, you don’t need the shoes, what you achieve in life starts on the inside and stems from the mind. That’s it. It sounds simply, and it is, but the mind is a wily one and it’s time you take the upper hand.

This site is dedicated to help you find your fire and blaze your trail. We centralize around a three-part foundational framework:

  1. Discover your foundational self and innate skills
  2. Develop auspicious traits and habits
  3. Do what you intend with successful, lasting results

Within this working structure, an overarching theme of self-education focuses on four crucial topic areas necessary to living a liberated life.

Motivation. Mental limitations suspend our decisions and progress, where motivation gives us the push we need to overcome blocks and forge ahead.

  • What holds me back and why?
  • Am I afraid of failing? What is fear?
  • How do I persevere when enthusiasm wanes?

Mentality. At the heart of change and action we find the mind. A blend of psychology and philosophy help us understand how we think to generate positivity, forward our actions and define our approach in context of the world.

  • How do I view the world and myself? What shapes my perception?
  • Is my mind being used for or against me? What do I believe, what are my convictions and are they sensible?
  • What influences my actions and how can I use my mind to understand and achieve my goals?

Work. The work we do is part of our being. It should be a service and a privilege that fills us with passion and forwards our dreams.

  • What defines success?
  • What are my goals and priorities and how can I work more productively to achieve them?
  • How do I integrate life and work into perpetual balance?

Habits. Our thoughts and actions result in patterns of habit that dictate our lives. It’s important that we dictate the habits.

  • How do I create and implement healthy nutritional and fitness habits?
  • How can we identify and change ritualistic behavior sustainably?
  • What methods can I use to adopt new habits more easily?

We’ll also delve into health and fitness, instrumental to any healthy and happy lifestyle. My approach aims to increase subjective well-being, which refers to how people experience the quality of their lives including both emotional reactions and cognitive judgments. Research indicates good health leads to greater happiness and vice versa – a welcomed win win.

If you’re seeking change, ever ask yourself any of these questions, or just looking to spice things up in life, you’ve found a supportive group of ambitious thinkers just like you. I know how hard it can be to move ahead without the right people and environment, and don’t want you to do the same. Say hello, check things out, be you.

Now Where do I go?

Let’s get to know each other. Check out the About page, and if you’re into it, you can read my whole story.

One people. One world. One love.

With intent,

Mehdi René


5 thoughts on “First Time Here?

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  2. Hello Mehdi, Thanks for dropping by my blog. Your writing here is very interesting and the kind of stuff I like to read, so I’ll be sticking around. Best wishes.

    • Hi Veganaut, happy to have you around. I enjoy reading about your vegan adventures, as well, and commend your dedication and analysis. I’m not a strict vegan, but like health and nutrition paired with great food. Articles on these subjects will come. Thanks for dropping a note. Best.

  3. Likewise, thanks for dropping by my blog! Your article resonates nicely, I will be ploughing through your site on an on-going basis.

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